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Newsy Greeting From Year of Your Birth

May 06, 1992|LYNN SIMROSS

Here's a flashback: FlikBaks is a combination videotape and pop-up greeting card for someone who's having a "biggie" birthday or anniversary--30th, 40th, 50th or 60th. The 30-minute tape is a mini-version of the old Movietone newsreel that features original news clips of world events, politics, sports, entertainment and famous people in the news during the year the person was born.

For example, highlights from 1952--the 40th-year celebration--include scenes from the Cuban Revolution bringing Batista to power, Winston Churchill addressing a joint session of Congress, Humphrey Bogart selling government bonds, Gloria Swanson modeling "the world's most expensive gown," Rocky Marciano winning the heavyweight championship and Eddie Arcaro riding Hill Gail to victory in the Kentucky Derby.

The top of the VHS tape case includes a pop-up card with a blank space to write a personal greeting. The FlikBaks series has videotapes for 19 different years, and plans to add three or four more tapes each year. This series includes 1929, '30, '32, '39, '40, '41, '42, '49, '50, '51, '52, '54, '55, '59, '60, '61, '62, '64 and '65.

FlikBaks ($15-$18) are available nationwide, mostly in gift shops. In Los Angeles, they're carried by Card Fever in Century City Shopping Center and Santa Monica Place Mall and Aahs in Westwood, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks. Or, to order by phone, call Nadel Worldwide's toll-free number (800 541-3533.

A Rule of Thumb for Fastening Equipment

If you're worried about damage to your home or office computers or other high-tech equipment during an earthquake or other disaster, consider Thumb Locks, clever little fasteners that hold such things to a desk or table.

Designed by Fastening Solutions Inc. in Van Nuys, Thumb Locks attach easily to the side of a computer or other electronic device and to the table with a Scotch brand adhesive that has 100 pounds per-square-inch holding power, according to manufacturers. A nylon-wrapped polyurethane strapping tape threads through the fasteners and locks in with thumb levers on each end.

Thumb Locks come in several kits, depending on the weight and height of the items you want to secure. For most applications, there are standard two-fastener kits for up to 50 pounds ($8.95, plus $2 shipping) or stacking kits ($13.50 to $15.50). Other kits for heavier equipment are also available. In case you want to move the item, there's a lift off tool ($2.95) that removes the adhesive patch without leaving residue on the table. Replacement patches are also available ($12.95 for 36 inches of adhesives).

To order, write Fastening Solutions Inc., 15236 Burbank Blvd., Suite 101, Van Nuys, Calif. 91411, or call the company's nationwide toll-free number (800) 232-7836.

A Safety Whistle That's Not All Wet

St. Louis dentist Howard Wright has developed a safety whistle that can get someone's attention anywhere, even underwater.

Wright, who's been a scuba diver for 20 years, says his Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle blows twice as loud as other safety whistles on the market and can be heard underwater "for distances in excess of 100 feet." The Storm whistle is made of heavy plastic with a ring at the bottom to attach it to a key chain. Its shape is constructed to "fit in your hand like brass knuckles," says Wright.

The Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle is available locally at Sport Chalet or can be ordered ($5.95, plus $1.25 shipping and handling) from the All Weather Safety Whistle Co., P.O. Box 8614, St. Louis, Mo. 63126, (314) 436-3332.

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