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Another Layer of Water Bureaucracy

June 21, 1992

Without local public hearings or coverage by the media, yet another layer of bureaucracy may soon be established to deal with San Gabriel Valley ground-water pollution cleanup.

The state Senate has just approved legislation establishing a five-member water quality authority board which will have the power to levy taxes against homeowners to pay for the cleanup to the tune of $7 million to $8 million per year! Should it be approved (by the Assembly) and signed by the governor, you can look for an increase of up to $40 a year on your water bill.

Until now, the water agencies and cities in Los Angeles County have been created by the petition process, initiated and voted on by the residents to be affected. Twenty-one state senators have now decided that the residents of the San Gabriel Valley don't know what is best for them. They have decided that you should pay for the ground-water pollution cleanup, even though most water users have not contributed to the problem!

The Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting San Gabriel Valley ground-water pollution source investigations for over 10 years. The May, 1992, EPA Fact Sheet confirms 86 sources and reports that 205 sites are still being investigated. Federal law states that those who cause the pollution are to pay for the cleanup, not the users of the local ground water.

San Gabriel Valley residents have two choices: Do nothing and pay more money on your monthly water bill to have the ground water cleaned up, or tell your legislator (assemblyman, at this point) that you want to control your own taxes and water bills. We don't need another layer of bureaucrats addressing this problem!

We know that the ground water must be cleaned up, but firmly believe that the voters should deal directly with the local elected officials.

ROYALL K. BROWN, Division 3


Directors, Upper San Gabriel

Valley Municipal Water District

WILLIAM H. KOCH, Division 1


Directors, Three Valleys

Municipal Water District

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