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As The Soaps Turn To Summer

June 21, 1992|LIBBY SLATE

Summer love is anything but sweet on the daytime soaps, where the romantic temperature equals that of the hot summer sun as producers attempt to keep viewers indoors with spicy stories and other intrigues.

At least two shows will be going the tried-and-true triangle one better with a love quadrangle. And new characters will take up soapdom residence, bringing with them all manner of plot twists and complications.

"All My Children" (ABC): Handsome bachelor Charlie Brent returns to Pine Valley--but will he try to pick up where he left off when Erica ended their relationship? Stuart and Gloria genuinely care for one another, but Stuart's manipulative twin Adam aims to keep them apart. Erica is determined not to be the other woman to new lover Dimitri; for her, it's all or nothing--he must divorce Angelique. Has An Li gotten her wish and caused Hayley and Brian to break up for good? Lucas' world seems to be crashing in on him as his two families learn about each other.

"Another World" (NBC): Kelsey and Jamie indulge in forbidden love as they try to juggle career and hospital work, hampered by Jake's determination to bring Jamie down. Jake and Paulina's passionate love affair is threatened by a sexy young "Lolita" girl who comes between them. Jenna must deal not only with Dean's obsessive love for her as he tries to discover who wants revenge on her, but a sexy new music star. Dennis and Marley enjoy a sizzling romance after she saves him from his daredevil ways. Are Cass and Frankie, who rekindle their romance in Venice, about to marry? The Ryan-Vicky-Grant triangle continues, while Ryan is caught in a setup. Lorna, who is drawing closer to Kevin, may be the only one who can prove Ryan innocent. Meanwhile, a mystery woman from Kevin's past appears.

"As The World Turns" (CBS): There will be a passionate new love interest for Lucinda. An emotional development presents Tom and Margo with their most difficult challenge ever. New love triangles feature Andy-Courtney-Evan and Tess-Hutch and a new character, Rosanna. A shocking discovery could forever change Lily and Holden's lives.

"The Bold and The Beautiful" (CBS): Sheila, having arrived from sister show "The Young and the Restless," will make her presence known. Ridge and Taylor wed--but if Brooke is carrying Ridge's baby, as she claims, how will that affect the marriage? Taylor's brother Zach and his friend Sly arrive, with a triangle developing as both men pursue Felicia. Things heat up between Sally and Clarke, as Clarke suffers a "setback" at the hands of Darla and Macy. The effect that Karen has on Thorne creates problems for Macy. Brooke and Eric's relationship is derailed yet again.

"Days of Our Lives" (NBC): John and Isabella will have marital problems because of her preoccupation with their new baby and his involvement with the Alamain empire, after discovering that he himself is an Alamain. Marlena and Roman will become more involved with the Lombard family and their healing process. Kim returns to Salem with a big secret. Bo and Carly set a wedding date, but face the greatest obstacle yet to their happiness. Jack embarks on an exciting and dangerous new job.

"General Hospital" (ABC): The Quartermaine household will be quite tumultuous, with so many more people living there now. Paul, Tracy and new baby Dillon will provide a lot of the tension as well as a lot of the humor, with Tracy trying to rectify mistakes made with older son Ned. Ned becomes more interested in Julie, while his wife Jenny becomes the object of Paul's affections. A.J. battles his alcohol problem. Bill, Holly and Simon find themselves in an unlikely relationship as they help freedom-fighters in San Sebastian. Another triangle arises between Jason and newcomers Karen and Jagger.

"Guiding Light" (CBS): Ross finally gets to enjoy a hot romance. Frank makes progress in his attempt to wrest Eleni from new husband Alan-Michael, aided by Eleni's doubts when she attains more information about Alan-Michael. Harley and Mallet begin a new adventure. The Vanessa-Billy-Fletcher triangle continues--with Nadine still in the equation. "Guiding Light" celebrates its 40th year on the air this week.

"Loving" (ABC): Gifford will stop at nothing to win Trisha's love, while Trisha confronts Trucker in a heated custody battle for their son. A mystery man will change Ava's life and greatly affect the Alden family. A hot and heavy quadrangle between Ally, Cooper, Hannah and Casey has many twists and turns, with Ally continuing her efforts to win back Cooper. Just when Clay thought he had his act together, a major problem will change his life forever.

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