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How They'd Spend Six Months Off

June 25, 1992|PAULA JHUNG

What would you do if you could take six months off from whatever you're currently doing? The answer for many includes at least some travel. Here's what some North County residents had to say:

"I'd need a couple of weeks without the kids, so a cruise would be nice. Then we'd get a motor home and take the kids across the country showing them places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, and Williamsburg."

Emily McColl Carmel Valley mother of five, all under age 9

"I'd go to Bordeaux for one week for the first growth at the Hautbrion and Margaux vineyards. Then I'd crash the rest of the time at home in Rancho Santa Fe."

Dick Enberg TV Sportscaster

"I'd take my 3-year-old and visit my mother in South Carolina. I'd probably wear out my welcome in a few weeks so the rest of the time I'd take some computer classes."

Gail Butler Owner of North Coast Business Printers in Encinitas

"I'd maybe go to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas for a couple of weeks. The rest of the time I'd stay home and work around the house. That's what I do when I take a week off--three days in Mexico and the rest of the time fixing my house in Vista."

Javier Diaz Gardener

"I'd love to paint. I'd also take piano lessons, and interior decoration classes. And travel. Travel is a major part of my life. I'd also read the newspaper in depth. I scan the paper every day but there are so many in-depth issues that take more time than I have to keep informed."

Jo Briggs Director of Golden Door Skin Care, Escondido

"We'd rent a van and travel like we did in the '70s. We camped out and met great people across the country."

Paula and Ray Farmer Hairdressers and owners of Headset, Del Mar

"I'd find a mountain retreat and sit and reflect on life, and read my sky-high stack of books."

Rev. Daniel Meyer Pastor of the Village Church Rancho Santa Fe

"I'd go to a little town where my father is from in southwest Mexico, La Estancia De Lopez Nayarit. He has a big ol' family there. It gets hot in the summer but there's a river to swim in and lots of mangoes, watermelons and papayas to eat."

Maribel Rivera Student at Torrey Pines High School

"My main goal would be to travel to Australia. I'd also like to write a novel, and read lots of books; books with covers on them."

Katherine Goodwin Literary agent, Del Mar

"I'm looking for a job now, so I'm trying to balance that with spending more time with the family and doing fun projects so I don't come across stressed or desperate in interviews. Once I start working again I won't have time to do all the things I enjoy."

Kathy Truesdale La Costa

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