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Fresh Catnip Is Quite a Treat


Freshly grown catnip is nothing like the bland dried store-bought varieties, says Orange County veterinarian Dori Slater. If your cat hasn't tried fresh catnip, he's missing something.

Fragrant and potent when fresh, catnip sends many cats into an enjoyable tailspin.

"Cats react differently to catnip," says Mary Lou Heard of Heard's Country Garden in Westminster. "Some cats get very excited and playful, while others become lethargic."

Because catnip is a vigorous grower, you may want to dry it for future use. Dried fresh catnip keeps a great deal of its potency.

Lay the catnip on a cookie sheet and place it in a 150-degree oven with the door slightly open.

Let the catnip cook until it's dry and crisp. Heard says you can put it in at night and it will be done in the morning.

Catnip can also be dried in the microwave.

Store dried catnip in tightly sealed plastic bags in a dry place.

Come wintertime when it's rainy and cold outside, you can perk your cat up by placing dry catnip in the toe of a sock.

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