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COMMENTARY : Classmates Recall Shooting Victim Ochari D'Aiello

June 28, 1992| Ochari D'Aiello, a sophomore at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, was shot to death while in Georgia for a summer program at Morehouse College. Three teen-agers have been charged with the murder. The following letters are by his classmates. and

There were so many positive aspects about Ochari's personality that it is difficult to use just a few words to describe him. He was unique because he was one of the few people that was able to balance humor and sensitivity. You could depend on Ochari to make you laugh. He thrived on making others happy.

Not only could you turn to him for a smile, you could also turn to him when you needed someone to listen to you. He always knew when someone was bothered or upset, and through his charm and amazing capability of persuasion he made you feel comfortable talking about everything. He continuously proved to be a friend either by listening or standing up for your views.

Ochari stood firmly behind everything he believed in. Just by talking to him for a moment you could feel the intensity of his thoughts, though he never let his deep insights blind him from respecting the views of others. He was constantly open-minded because he knew the true value of one's beliefs. This can obviously be attributed to his parents, who instilled his strong morals that he held so dearly.

He always kept the belief that society must come together. He thought that in order to unite the people as a whole you must go to the root of the problem and provide better education and more positive influences so that children could grow up to appreciate the importance of life. It is devastatingly ironic that he became a victim of the very system that he so desired to change.

The determination that we so often witnessed within Ochari will now serve as an inspiration to all of us, and we must carry on his pride and strong will. We will always know that you, Ochari, constantly pushed yourself to be the best. Now we are forced to say goodby. But you will forever be with us. Ochari we will always love you.




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