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Fixing Water Pressure in a Washing Machine

June 28, 1992|GARY ABRAMS | SPECIAL TO THE TIMES; Abrams is a West Los Angeles contractor and free - lance writer on home improvement topics. and

One of the appliance problems that most frequently sends homeowners looking for professional help is low water pressure coming into a washing machine.

Most people presume that either the pipes are going bad or that the machine is somehow malfunctioning. In almost every case, correcting the problem is a simple matter of cleaning the filter screens in the water supply hoses where they enter the back of the washer.

Should you experience this difficulty, first shut off the water supply valves on the wall behind the washer, then pull the machine away from the wall far enough that you can squeeze in behind it.

Next, use a large pair of pliers to unscrew one of the hoses where it connects to the threaded nipple on the back of the washing machine. Inside the nipple you will see a cone-shaped screen that will probably be covered with dirt and debris.

Use a tweezers or small screwdriver to pry the screen out of the nipple. With an old toothbrush clear the screen of any particles and rinse it under water. Also, wipe any dirt you see remaining in the nipple.

Reinsert the filter screen the way it came out and reattach the hose to the nipple. Tighten it snugly with the pliers. Do not overtighten.

Repeat this procedure to the other hose and test the operation of the machine after turning the water back on. Odds are your water flow will markedly improved.

Helpful Hint: Turn the water valves off after each use to prevent a flood should one of the hoses rupture.

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