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Who Killed Jeanine Nicarico? A Decade Later, Doubts Persist : Murder: Two men in prison, one of them on Death Row, still deny guilt. A third man says he did it, and many believe him.


"There were at least 40 discrepancies (in the police report), six or seven that were major," said Sheriff Doria. "They were outright misstatements, and the state police took him at face value."

Authorities haven't been able to link Dugan with the others except for one night when they were in jail together.

Marshall, Cruz's attorney, contends that the Dugan discrepancies may be partly due to the time that elapsed from the murder to his confession.

"People are convicted and killed with half as much evidence as they have against Dugan," he said.

Stock and Nicarico say all these arguments have been presented--and rejected.

"They're not saying anything they haven't said before," Nicarico said. "They're just getting a new audience to listen."

But Jed Stone, who represented Hernandez, believes the two convicted men will someday walk free.

"It will take a long time for the system to wrench itself and work through this injustice," he said. "But it will happen. . . . As long we can keep the balls in the air, slowly, slowly, slowly the truth will come out."

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