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10 Reasons Why Miller Is Outta There

August 01, 1992

The Top 10 reasons why the "Dennis Miller Show" was canceled:

10. Couldn't overcome those Alan Thicke comparisons.

9. No one likes somebody who laughs at all of his own jokes.

8. News of the Week was weak.

7. Gratuitous act of holding sponsor's water bottle during the monologue was tawdry.

6. Made name-dropping an art form.

5. Ran his hands through his hair an average of eight annoying times a show.

4. "Good night, teen-agers" sign-off was seen for what it was, a forced effort to be "too hip."

3. Decided to sing four bars of a different song a cappella each and every night.

2. Never-ending esoteric references were often so obscure that they left the audience confused, not amused.

1. Constant silly grin seemed to say, "Aren't I just so clever!"


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