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Home Office Electrical Requirements

August 01, 1992|BOB DUKE

To calculate the maximum electrical power requirements of your home office, locate the power rating label that is affixed somewhere on every piece of electrically powered equipment and total the watts or amperes. For lighting, read the wattage rating on bulbs, or for fluorescent, read the label on the fixture.

Convert all power requirements to amperes by dividing watts by 110. Amperes are more convenient for this purpose because circuit breakers are rated in amperes.

Next, compare your calculated amperes to the circuit breaker rating marked on the front or side of the circuit breaker handle at the electrical panel. The more your potential load exceeds the circuit breaker's rating, the greater the possibility is for overloading the circuit and the more care you must take in controlling the load.

Answering machine: 0.2 amps

Computer processor: 2.0 amps

Copier: 12.0 amps

Cordless phone: 0.06 amps

Dot matrix printer: 1.25 amps

Electronic typewriter: 0.35 amps

External modem: 0.2 amps

Fax machine: 1.5 amps

Laser printer: 7.5 amps

Lights (500 watts): 4.5 amps

Office radio: 0.15 amps

Postage meter: 1.6 amps

Small color TV: 0.7 amps

Video display terminal: 0.5 amps

TOTAL: 32.51 amps

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