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Disney sequel picks up the trail of two bears last seen at the altar


Giving up bachelorhood isn't always easy for men ... or bears, for that matter. In May, "Brown Bear's Wedding" mated Brown Bear (the voice of Joss Ackland) with the beautiful White Bear (the voice of Helena Bonham-Carter).

The bears' courtship was much like the antics of some of their human counterparts, as Brown Bear, a confirmed bachelor, notices White Bear and soon grows to love and covet the elusive female. They are finally brought together by their matchmaker--Brown Bear's best friend, Owl (the voice of Hugh Laurie).

On Tuesday, the Disney Channel presents the premiere of the sequel, White Bear's Secret. The newlyweds have settled down to a cozy life in a log cabin, but Brown Bear is having a difficult time adapting to cohabitation. Also, Owl worries he is losing Brown Bear's friendship and has regrets about setting up the couple.

But when an avalanche destroys Brown Bear's house and nearly costs White Bear her life, Owl comes to the rescue, the town rallies to help rebuild the house and White Bear's secret gives Owl a place in their family.

"White Bear's Secret," Tuesday 2:30-3 p.m., the Disney Channel. For ages 4-12.


Nickelodeon presents the premiere of Fair Game (Sunday 3-3:30 p.m.), a live-action reverse sex-discrimination story of Charlie, who is kicked off the boy's track team to accommodate a girl. Determined to get even, he finds his way onto the girl's hockey team, much to the dismay of everyone he knows. For ages 10-13.

They are not the killer bees. The Disney Channel presents the premiere of Stinger, King of the Bees (Monday 2:30-3 p.m.), a version of "Alice in Wonderland" meets the "Wizard of Oz" for bees. Stinger the bumblebee is separated from his parents when their colony is destroyed by Fire Eye, a grizzly bear. Stinger is then rescued by Patience, a snail, and the two embark on the journey to find the relocated bee colony. Along the way, they meet a philosophical frog, a thieving raccoon, an evangelist mantis and wasps. For ages 4-10.

The irrepressible Danny Kaye is a hypochondriac in the Army in the lively musical Up in Arms (Monday 6 p.m. AMC), which also stars a vivacious Dinah Shore. Kaye's first feature also stars Dana Andrews, Constance Dowling, Lyle Talbot. Kaye's frequent co-star Virgina Mayo has a brief role as a chorus girl. For ages 10 and up .

Lake monsters have been reported in Canada and Japan, and, of course, in Scotland, but nothing's been proven, though scientific instruments scan the depth of Loch Ness in search of its sea serpent. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: The Monsters of the Lakes (Tuesday 8:30-9 p.m. the Discovery Channel) explores the varying myths, legends ... and facts. Clarke says, "I am much more skeptical of lake monsters than of sea monsters, because lakes are fairly small bodies of water and there are plenty of eyewitnesses around them. If these creatures come up to breathe, why aren't they seen more often?" For ages 8 and up.

Even though Lassie starts out as a WWII veteran trained to kill (no kidding), she becomes more traditionally Lassie-like when adopted by Elizabeth Taylor in Courage of Lassie (Wednesday 10 a.m. Showtime). Also stars Frank Morgan and Tom Drake. For ages 5 and up.

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