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Health Care in U.S., Canada

August 05, 1992

While my heart goes out to Zahra Jessa, the writer's glorification of the Canadian health care system is terribly skewed in its favor.

There are considerable shortcomings in our health care system. Problems that could be remedied through carrier reform, tort reform and medical care cost controls.

The costs of instituting a national health care system range from $8 billion to $450 billion. Granted, costs would be shifted, but there are no guarantees that the federal government could manage a caring and efficient health care program.

While the per capita cost of health care in Canada is somewhat less than in the United States, there are many horror stories matching Zahra's coming out of the Canadian system.

We even have reports of Canadian doctors who eschew their own socialized system for medical care in the United States.


Chairman, Legislative Committee

L.A. Assn. of Health Underwriters

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