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High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Hanging Fire, Hanging Five, Hanging Out

August 06, 1992

During the school year, the main haunt for most high school students is, well, school. Between classes, activities, sports and the like, it seems as if more time is spent at school than at home.

So what happens when school is out for the summer?

Hot Topics wonders, "Where's your favorite hang-out and why?"

"Grandma's Ice Cream in Seal Beach. It has good food, and my friends work there, so I get free food."

Alissa Connally, 16, senior, Los Alamitos

"Friends' houses, because we can just hang out and do whatever we want."

Lesley Nolan, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"The beach, because I like to play volleyball. I play it all the time, and I go with friends all the time."

Dave Uribe, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"Heath Einstein's house, because we're good friends."

Joel Mann, 17, senior, Pacifica

"The dock at Dana Point, because there's lots of guys there."

Alexandra Lohnes, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"The beach, because it's beautiful, relaxing and it's cool to hang out there."

Tyra Boman, 17, senior, Laguna Hills

"Disneyland, because you can see different people there."

Katie Keane, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"Probably Taco Bell near the harbor, because the food is cheap and everybody goes there."

Sandy Schultz, 16, junior, Marina

"Concerts, because they're different than any place else."

Megan Scanlon, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"The beach, because there's nothing else to do."

Aleece Lindsay, 16, junior, Newport Harbor

"I don't really hang out anywhere. During the school year, I go to football games with friends, though."

Nancy Champlin, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"The beach, because I like to get away from the harsh environment in which I live and all of the pressures that are put on teens in today's society."

Karin Moran, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"Probably the movies because a lot of people go there."

Melissa Brown, 16, junior, Ocean View

"I really don't have one. I've been sick with pneumonia this year, so I haven't been able to go out."

Becky Edwards, 15, sophomore, Westminster

"At people's houses, because it's comfortable."

Kelly Forman, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"The beach, because I enjoy getting tan and playing volleyball."

Alison Juroe, 16, junior, Ocean View

"Illusions (an 18-and-under dance club), because it's new."

Mike DeFries, 16, junior, Santa Margarita

"The mall, because I get to see all of my friends and do some shopping."

Debi French, 16, junior, La Quinta

"The beach, because there are a lot of people there."

Melissa Tenberge, 16, junior, Ocean View

Next Week's Hot Topic:

What would you do if you couldn't go back to school next month?

Responses gathered by Trisha Ginsburg.

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