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The Feminine Touch

August 07, 1992|BETTY GOODWIN

THE MOVIE: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

THE SCRIPT: Buffy (Kristy Swanson, pictured), a high school girl with shopping on the brain, turns out to be marked for greatness in vampire-offing skills. The undead types she encounters include Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland. Pike (Luke Perry) finds her macho technique cool.

THE LOOK: Grace Kelly/Valley Gal. You can bet that Buffy and her girlfriends are no fashion slaves--they bypassed the gloomy black-on-black coffeehouse look and instead discovered acid colors, flower prints, Pucci and polka dots, all with a strong '60s influence. One of Buffy's sweaters looks like it was inspired by the amoeba flowers that festooned the set of "The Dating Game."

SCENE STEALER: Costume designer Marie France really lets loose by pairing Buffy's cool blond looks with a dreamy white point d'esprit and tulle prom gown, the essence of femininity. She may be reminiscent of Grace Kelly in her princess phase, but underneath she's wearing ultra-clunky white Doc Martens.

FASHION QUOTE: "Puleeese, so five minutes ago," Buffy opines on a new-but-already-out-of-date yellow leather jacket.

TREND ALERT: Buffy's tight, tummy-baring hooded sweat-shirts could be the next workout wave. Also, young rebels should take note of Pike's thermal T-shirts, dog tags, plaid shirts and jeans worn with motocross boots.

WE COULD LIVE WITHOUT: The Phantom of the Opera-style get-ups worn by the vampires, as well as Paul Reubens' too-hairy wig.

THE SOURCES: Na Na in Santa Monica, Fred Segal, Camp Beverly Hills and Theodore for high school garb. D. N. Evans on Sunset Plaza made the white prom dress according to France's design. France designed the vampire clothes, augmented with pieces from Western Costume.

THE PAYOFF: Without a shred of black spandex in sight, designer France proves it's cool to be colorful.

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