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More Minuses to Bonds From Israel

August 09, 1992

Regarding the story, "Pluses and Minuses of State of Israel's Bonds" (June 21), I can think of some very significant minuses that were not listed.

The state of Israel militarily occupies Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese land in contravention to both international and U.S. law.

Proceeds from the sale of Israeli bonds are used to support a government based on racism and subjugation of an indigenous population. Non-Jews not only cannot own land, but have different license plates on their cars, have their phone numbers marked in the telephone directory, cannot work in or even travel through certain areas and much more.

The United States currently gives billions of dollars per year to Israel, while Americans are homeless, undereducated and unemployed.

Israel maintains a strong trade and political relationship with the white South African government.

U.S. aid to Israel amounts to $1,000 for each and every Israeli man, woman and child, each and every day of each and every year.

If you ask me, this is just not good business.



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