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Criminals to Blame for Temecula Tragedy

August 09, 1992

I read "No Time to Say Goodby," (July 12) through tear-filled eyes.

I can't begin to know the depth of loss experienced by the survivors of the tragic Temecula tragedy. I do, however, question the decision to sue the INS Border Patrol.

Should not the blame be placed on the criminals, the people breaking the law and not on those who uphold it?

Are we to understand the criminals are to be allowed to do as they please?

Wouldn't this be the same as sending an open invitation to any criminal that chooses a motor vehicle as transportation from a crime to go ahead, as the law enforcement officers are not allowed to give chase?

I think it is time to sit back, refocus and go after the lawbreaker. They are the people responsible for the deaths, not the INS Border Patrol officers. What ever happened to "you do the crime, you pay the time?"



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