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SMORGASBORD / FOOD TIDBITS : 2 Goodbys at Pier : Renovations to the Ventura landmark will displace Charlie's Seaside Cafe and the Fish House.


The old cliche "all good things must come to an end" will hold true for two of Ventura's beachfront dining establishments in the next month.

No longer will you be able to munch on fish tacos after working up an appetite at the volleyball nets or cool down on the Promenade after raging on the dance floor.

The Pier Fish House and Restaurant will close its doors on Sept. 7 in order to make way for the restoration of the 120-year-old Ventura Pier.

And after 17 years of being one of Ventura's hottest nights spots, Charlie's Seaside Cafe and Restaurant will turn out the lights and go home--for good.

For 40 years folks have gone to the Pier Fish House to dine on the catch of the day while gazing out at the Channel Islands.

The restaurant was called the Seaview Cafe until the early 1980s, when it was purchased and remodeled by Sandy Hedrick.

Hedrick plans to open another restaurant in the same spot after the pier restoration is complete, in about two years.

The new establishment will be almost double the size.

Meanwhile, Hedrick is negotiating with owner Steve Siegel to take over the facility that is home to Charlie's.

No hints or details about the next venture, except it will not bear the name of either of the current businesses.

No definite date has been set for the final farewell.

Gone will be dancing to local rock and reggae bands and two-for-one happy hour sunsets on the patio.

"I grew up here," said Chris Jelley, Charlie's manager for the last 14 years. "I'm gonna miss it."

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