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Response to Rockers' Ralphs

August 13, 1992

Why is society so concerned with what these "politically incorrect" people purchase in the grocery store?

Would it suit you fine if all of the "politically incorrect" people began shopping exclusively at 7-Eleven and were barred from large grocery stores?

You write mockingly, "It's fair to say that most rockers who shop here aren't stocking up for the long haul. They come for the essentials, what it's going to take to get them through the night."

Then you list "the most frequently purchased items."

What you fail to understand is that the people you refer to as "rockers" are products of our system.

Society's plan is to keep the less fortunate down, where they belong.

It seems to me that their plan is, in many cases, a terrible success. All I can say is, at least "rockers" are in the store purchasing their food with money they earned, instead of sending their immigrant/refugee housekeeper who earns less than $4.25 an hour.



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