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More on NBC's Olympics

August 15, 1992

In reading Howard Rosenberg's commentaries during the last two weeks regarding the Olympics, I just have to shake my head at his musings. It is, of course, his right to express his opinions, as it is mine, which are:

The Dream Team should have stayed home and let the young men who've been trying for the last four years to obtain a spot on the 1992 Olympic Team do just that. Instead of a young team who've worked hard to get to the Olympics, we have machines who flaunt their abilities in front of the rest of the world. It's embarrassing.

I enjoy seeing the American flag being raised and hearing the national anthem when one of ours wins a gold medal. I don't particularly wish to hear another country's anthem or see another country's flag being raised over ours.

When the Olympics were on ABC, I always enjoyed their "Up Close and Personal" moments on the athletes, their coaches, etc. It made me aware of what motivated these athletes. "Dick Enberg's Moments" are no different. They are enlightening and entertaining.

So now Rosenberg wants the Olympic coverage to include world news as well? The Games are games and nothing more. I'm sorry that the world is plunging into hell; I'm sorry that many people all over the world are starving, getting blown to bits, dying. I'm watching the Games to watch athletes win medals, break records, finish the race. World news does not belong on Olympic coverage.

If Rosenberg doesn't like the politics, the flag raising, the protests, Enberg, Katie Couric, TripleCast, the Olympics themselves, then watch something else.


Santa Monica

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