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Steven Bochco Lays Down the Law : WHO'S HE KIDDING?

August 23, 1992

"I f I Ran a Network . . . ," last Sunday's commentary by television producer Steven Bochco ("Hill Street Blues," "L.A. Law") has prompted a heavy response from readers. A sampling:

Steve, Steve, Steve. When will we hear a good writer, like you, admit that good writing is hard to do? And reaching down into the gutter won't make the writing any better; it'll just make it easier.

What's wrong with TV today is not that we can't get enough vulgarity; it's mainly that vulgarity has become a hot item.

Your idea of eliminating network censors and letting "viewership determine what's appropriate" is crazy. You have all the freedom you want when you make movies. There's no limit to the sewage, and that's OK with me. But please don't foist off the same crap on my TV screen. (Cable excepted.)

You have a terrific creative record. And now you want the freedom to go to any extremes. That won't help, Steve. Sometimes people like you get burned out and need a change of pace.

But, God, don't take it out on us. Go to the movies.




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