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Hassle-Free Remodel

August 23, 1992

I am writing this letter in response to your article, "Hassle-Free Remodeling" (Aug. 9).

Although the article was comprehensive, it failed to mention an important component in the remodel process--the interior designer. The architect designs the building and the contractor builds it.

Somewhere in between, the homeowner needs to choose countertops, flooring, wall surfaces, fixtures, faucets, paint colors and also make sure that the rooms are the correct size for furniture placement. A small adjustment in room size or location of doors and windows before construction begins can prevent many headaches when the homeowner begins to furnish his newly remodeled residence.

A professionally trained interior designer should be a part of the team--architect, designer and contractor--that work together to meet all the requirements of the job. Hiring an interior designer to work with the architect at the onset of a job can save money for the homeowner in the long run and make the remodel process go smoother. No longer will the contractor say, "We need the tile tomorrow. Have you picked it out?"

If budget restraints prevent having an interior designer do all the work, the homeowner can hire a designer on a consultation basis. A few hours with a professional interior designer can save the homeowner many dollars in costly mistakes.


Certified Interior Designer


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