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High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Volunteers Take Pride in Dirty Job

August 27, 1992|LILY DIZON

ANAHEIM — They came early--with their brooms, their rakes, their shovels and their paintbrushes. Rubbing the sleep from their eyes--the sun had yet to peek out from the clouds--students, parents and the staff of Canyon High School gave the school grounds a once-over.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

Dead shrubs, trash strewn on the sidewalks, paint-peeled and gum-covered benches and rusty trash cans were the greetings of the day. It was a dirty job, but they clamored to get it done.

Four hours and buckets of sweat later, the toilers had whipped the eyesore into shape--just in time to welcome students back to school next month.

About 120 people participated Saturday in the school's first Canyon Pride Day, donating the entire morning to giving the school a face lift. Principal Ralph Jameson also joined in the morning's toil.

"This is the way it used to be and should be again--everyone working together to show they have pride in their school," said Jameson, his face and hands smudged with dirt. "We may have just found a way to make the community more a part of our schools."

"An honest politician is one who when he's bought will stay bought."

--Simon Cameron (1799-1889)

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