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Artistry of Summer Hats

August 28, 1992

Summer heat got you down? Break out of the doldrums by crafting a glorious summer hat. "Even if you don't like to wear them, hats are fun to create and look wonderful hanging on the wall or on the corner of a vanity mirror," said Jane Elliott of Cottage Flowers and Backdoor Studio in Newport Beach, who has been making hats since the '40s.


Select a lightweight straw hat in cool white or pastel shades. Elliott finds hers in antique shops, flea markets and variety stores.

Wrap a band of ribbon around the hat and secure it with a hot glue gun. Try a velvet ribbon in a rich jewel tone or a soft, pastel satin.


Make a foliage hatband by gluing branches of silk ivy--found at most silk plant stores--around the hat, allowing them to twine around the brim.

Attach silk flowers in contrasting colors to the hat, securing them with hot glue. Try poppies, peonies and roses. "Don't be afraid to use bright colors," said Elliott.

Let dry for several hours.

"After making one, you'll probably want to own several," said Elliott. "So start a collection of ribbon and silk flowers. After seeing yours, friends will want one too."

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