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Meet the New Boss

August 30, 1992

Like many fans of Springsteen I have wistful memories of his glory days. The glory days I am most fond of occurred in 1980. That was the year that Bruce released "The River," his first two-record project.

The tour he undertook to support that album started two weeks before the record's release. What Bruce did was amazing. Night after night he would play 14 to 18 of the 20 songs from the new album. The material was totally unfamiliar to the vast majority of his audience, but he went out there and played it anyway--and he rocked it.

It was during this period that Bruce said you can't always give the audience what they want, that sometimes you have to give them what they need . Well, he gave me the three best concerts I had ever seen to that point.

Personally, I have always been interested in what Bruce wanted to express now , not highlights from the past. He has always had something worthwhile to say, and I've nearly always come away from his shows with a few answers and a few new questions.

Well, once again Bruce has two records to draw from, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming shows. If he chooses to, Bruce can make 1992 the new glory days.

So Bruce, give the old songs a rest. I honestly don't care if I don't hear "Born to Run" live for 10 years. Play the new songs.


Los Angeles

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