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Clinton Republicans: Brave or Turncoats?

August 30, 1992

Supervisor Harriett M. Wieder has finally come out of the closet and shown her true colors. On Aug. 21, Wieder joined other "Republicans," by publicly endorsing Gov. Bill Clinton over President Bush. With this one stroke, she has guaranteed retirement from the Board of Supervisors in 1994.

For someone claiming to be a "Republican," Wieder seems compelled to make headlines, by fueling the national media with yet another story about Clinton's supposed strength in conservative Orange County. Unfortunately, it is always a small minority of opportunistic publicity seekers, who receive the attention. This small band of flip-floppers are certainly not representative of the majority of true Republicans in Orange County.

The primary election is the time for individuals to stand up and support their candidates of preference. Once the party nominee is chosen, everyone bands together and works harder than ever to elect that person in November.

The California Republican Assembly supported Patrick Buchanan by an overwhelming majority, as the result of a straw poll taken at our annual convention in Newport Beach last April. This was representative of the conservative philosophy shared by Buchanan and the (California Republican Assembly). However, President Bush ran an excellent campaign, won the nomination, and we are poised ready to do whatever it takes to reelect the President. It is reprehensible to be an elected Republican official and openly support and endorse the Democratic nominee for President.

Harriett Wieder would rather see President Clinton raise our taxes, cut our defense, increase welfare, create a national health care program, drive more businesses out of California, cause unemployment to increase, return interest rates to 20%, and see gas lines around the block. This is the same supervisor who, in earlier campaigns, used pictures with herself and President Bush to promote her candidacy. How hypocritical, Harriett!

It should come as no surprise that real estate developer Kathryn Thompson has joined Wieder in endorsing Gov. Clinton. Ever since Ross Perot declined to formally enter the presidential race and left all of his supporters shocked, Thompson had no choice but to endorse Clinton, whom she had hosted at a luncheon late last year. I applaud Kathryn Thompson for resigning her board position on the Lincoln Club of Orange County, for that was the correct thing to do.

Harriett, please do yourself and Orange County a favor. Uphold your promise and retire after the end of your term.

STEVEN BRODY, Orange County Chairman California Republican Assembly, Huntington Beach

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