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L.a. Speak

August 30, 1992

Planner patois, courtesy of the "Plannerese Dictionary," published by the Inland Empire Section of the American Planning Assn.

Architectural birth control: n. Limiting the number of children in a housing division by excluding dwellings with multiple bedrooms.

Birds and bunnies: n. Environmentalists. "The birds and bunnies killed that development plan."

California Nondescript: adj. Prevalent style of Southern California architecture.

Grant gnats: n . People who earn their living securing federal and state housing funds. "I've been on the phone with grant gnats all day."

Peter Pan suburb: n. Suburb designed without consideration for the elderly.

Poshopolis: n . Beverly Hills.

Slums and bums: n. Urban sociology courses.

Spinach: n . Excessive ornamentation. "That architect likes to cover his mistakes with spinach. "

Wheel estate: n. Mobile homes.

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