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Traffic Angel Appreciated

September 06, 1992

I, a senior citizen, was driving north on Woodman Avenue in a 20-year-old Dodge Dart last Thursday, trying to keep a doctor's appointment, when my car suddenly stopped and refused to start. When I realized that my gas tank was empty, I became frightened. There I was in the middle of the street near the freeway entrance, surrounded by very heavy traffic. Cars were honking at me from all directions.

I was scared, alone and helpless. I decided to remain calm, ignore the honking and find the nearest phone to call for help.

Suddenly a gentleman-angel appeared at my window and said, "Ma'am, are you having trouble with your car? Perhaps I can be of some assistance." I thought, "Thank God."

He offered to push my car to the curb, then said he would go to the nearest gas station. About 15 minutes later he returned, poured gas into the tank and got the car started.

I was deeply touched by the kindness displayed by this man. He even refused to let me reimburse him for the cost of the gasoline. I told him he was a rare breed--you just don't find old-fashioned chivalry any more.

Before I had a chance to ask for his name, he was gone.

If this gentleman-angel should happen to read this letter, I do want him to know that I will be eternally grateful for his good deed.

ALICE ASDOUR, Sherman Oaks

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