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Fakes and Breaks All Go the Packers' Way, 17-3

September 28, 1992|From Associated Press

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Brett Favre's faking ability made him a winner in his first NFL start.

Favre twice got Pittsburgh's star cornerback, Rod Woodson, to bite on a pump fake, and the second-year quarterback beat Woodson with touchdown pass plays of 76 yards to Sterling Sharpe and eight yards Robert Brooks as the Green Bay Packers beat the Steelers, 17-3, Sunday.

"The first one was just a play we put in this week where we knew Rod Woodson, who's a great football player, would bite on the underneath passing routes," Favre said.

"I pump-faked to Sterling and Sterling just went past him. It was nice to air one out. On the pass to Robert, we pump-faked the slant and went back to the corner. He (Woodson) bit and Robert got open."

Both Green Bay touchdowns came on the first play after special-teams breakdowns by the Steelers. Sharpe scored after Gary Anderson had a 20-yard field goal blocked by Vinnie Clark in the second quarter and gave the Packers a 10-3 halftime lead.

Brooks' first NFL touchdown came after Woodson muffed a punt in the fourth quarter.

"I played immature," said Woodson, a three-time Pro Bowl choice. "It was like a nightmare. It was the worst game a defensive back would want to have. They didn't beat us with regular passes; they came with the stop and go."

Favre stepped in last week when Don Majkowski was injured and led the Packers to a victory over Cincinnati, hitting a game-winning touchdown pass after--what else?--a pump fake. "It was a different week this week when you're preparing to be the starter," said Favre, who completed 14 of 19 passes for 210 yards. "There's nothing like being a starter."

The Packers (2-2) shut out the Steelers (3-1) after an early 35-yard field goal by Gary Anderson gave Pittsburgh a 3-0 lead.

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