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Dandoy Helped Trojans Get Woody's Goat

October 05, 1992|MAL FLORENCE

Aramis Dandoy, the former USC tailback who died Thursday at 59, is still in the Rose Bowl record book.

He returned a punt 86 yards for a touchdown against Ohio State in 1955. It was a remarkable run in the rain and mud. However, the Buckeyes won, 20-7.

Woody Hayes, the late Ohio State coach, wasn't gracious in victory, complaining that the schools' bands shouldn't have been allowed on the field at halftime because they tore up the wet turf.

Add Hayes: After the game, Hayes said: "Big Ten teams are better in the Rose Bowl because they are raised on tougher competition."

Since that 1955 game, Pacific 10 schools have a 24-13 record in the Rose Bowl.

Trivia time: What is the NCAA record for the longest punt?

Right on, Lou: Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz, talking about Stanford before the teams played Saturday in South Bend, Ind:

"Stanford will be in a bowl game, they will be a top 20 team--and they might be in the top five," he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Holtz is known for shamelessly praising an opponent, but in this case he might be right. Stanford won, 33-16.

Popularity contest: The baseball uniform that Madonna wore in the film "A League of Their Own" was sold at auction in Bend, Ore., for $9,000 to Todd McFarlane of Portland, a former illustrator for Marvel comics. The uniform John Goodman wore in "The Babe" sold for $1,600.

Bombs away: Headline in the San Francisco Examiner: "Saints Hope Loose Lipps will Sink Opponent's Ships." Louis Lipps is a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints.

Time running out: Roberto Duran wants a shot at Iran Barkley's International Boxing Federation super-middleweight crown soon because he doesn't "want to go in the ring for that title with a cane."

Duran, 41, is a long way from feeble, but the man who ruled boxing's lightweight division during the 1970s is not regarded now as the puncher once revered for his "Hands of Stone."

What, no pepper? The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 25-13, in the next-to-last regular-season game last season, knocking the Eagles out of the playoffs.

So there is a revenge motive for the Eagles when they play the Cowboys tonight in a nationally televised game in Philadelphia. And something else, too.

"It's personal with those guys," Eagle safety Andre Waters told the Dallas Morning News. "The Cowboys' receivers like to run their mouths, especially Michael Irvin. He enjoys pouring salt in your wounds."

Trivia answer: Ninety-nine yards, by Pat Brady of Nevada against Loyola (Los Angeles) on Oct. 28, 1950.

Quotebook: Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder Andy Van Slyke, when asked if there was anyone else in the world he would trade places with for a day: "My wife, so I can see how wonderful it is to live with myself."

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