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Washington Post Backs Clinton as Detroit News Endorses Bush

October 13, 1992| Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Washington Post has endorsed Democrat Bill Clinton for President, saying President Bush "has long since squandered whatever claim he had to national leadership."

Clinton also picked up an endorsement Sunday from the Charlotte Observer, which called Bush a "prisoner of the status quo."

Bush, meanwhile, was endorsed by the Detroit News, which said it was not enthusiastic about his performance but thought that Clinton could do worse.

"Four more years of George Bush may not be pretty. But four years of Bill Clinton . . . could be even less appetizing," the News said Sunday.

The Post said of Bush: "We were among those who hoped in 1988 that he knew better than he spoke . . . (and that) after the propitiatory rites of the campaign, his better nature might prevail.

"To some degree in his first years in office it did." The Post's editorial credited Bush with accomplishments in federal aid to the poor, child care and the rights of the disabled and praised "the stout budget agreement that he achieved with Congress at the expense of his no-new-taxes pledge."

"But in the past two years, he has lost it," the Post said.

The Detroit News said it is "tempting" to condemn Bush for his economic performance but that things could easily get worse.

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