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FESTIVAL : All the World's on Screen at Festival

October 15, 1992|ANNA CEKOLA

From the flower festivals of Cordoba to the rodeos and volcanic eruptions of Hawaii, the annual San Clemente Travel-Adventure Film Series will take viewers around the world beginning Friday at the Community Center Auditorium, 100 Avenida del Mar, San Clemente.

The series kicks off at 7:30 p.m. with festival founder Gene Wiancko's "Festivals of the Mediterranean," a feature-length film exploring such celebrations as the Fair of Seville, Semana Santa and the Yugoslav National Kolo Ensemble. Assorted filmmakers, including Wiancko, will narrate their works as they are shown over the coming weeks.

The remaining films are:

* "Hawaii: Lovelier Than Ever" by Sherilyn Mentes (Nov. 20).

* "An American in London" by Clay Francisco (Jan. 15).

* "Venice--Siren of the Sea" by Howard Meyers (Feb. 19).

* "The Danube: Vienna to the Black Sea" by Gene Wiancko (March 19).

Tickets are $6.50 per film at the door, or $25 for all five.

For more information, call (714) 492-2425.

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