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Chiropractor Calls Prop. 166 a Pain

October 18, 1992

I would like readers to recognize a side of Proposition 166 that was not addressed in the article "Medical Assn. Backs Mandatory Insurance" (Sept. 22).

Proposition 166, if passed, could spell disaster for California chiropractic doctors, their patients and Californians who could benefit from chiropractic health care in the future.

There is absolutely no chiropractic representation on the commission, which would allow for a dominant medical profession to oversee, dictate and manage policies regarding chiropractic care to Californians. Due to this, chiropractic could be eliminated by the medical profession at its will.

All guidelines are to be in accordance with the American College of Family Physicians of the AMA/CMA (again, no chiropractic representation).

There will be no separation of workers' compensation coverage from personal injury cases, all regulated by the commission panel.

The medical profession (doctors, hospitals, and registered nurses) will maintain 17 of the 38 seats on the commission.

As a practicing chiropractic doctor, I can see the damage that can be done by the passing of this proposition in that many of my current patients and future patients may be denied access to the healing profession of chiropractic.

There are approximately 11,000 chiropractic doctors in this state, seeing many more thousands of patients who need our type of care that no other health-care discipline can provide. I urge all concerned Californians to vote no on Proposition 166.


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