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Classic of the Week

The Partridge Family, "Greatest Hits" (1989), Arista

October 22, 1992|MARIA D. LASO

The main flaw of the first LP I ever got, "The Partridge Family Album," was that it didn't have enough pictures (only two) of David Cassidy on it. Still, I learned all the words to all the songs, including "I Can Hear Your Heartbeat," "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque" and the group's No. 1 hit, "I Think I Love You."

"Album" is no longer available, but "The Partridge Family Greatest Hits" has those three songs and 13 others including Cassidy solo hits "Cherish" and "Could It Be Forever" and--for the first time ever on a record--the "Partridge Family" TV show theme, "Come On Get Happy." Other favorites: "Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted," "I'll Meet You Halfway" and "It's One of Those Nights."

Long before Milli Vanilli, it didn't matter that only Cassidy and "mom" Shirley Jones were really jamming in that made-for-TV family's garage from 1970 to 1974. Now, with this CD, you can relive a time when happy families fought and made up in 30 minutes (and single mothers were plucky, not nervy). The tunes were catchy, the harmonies were good and the lyrics were simple, with just enough passion ("I Woke Up in Love This Morning") or heartache ("Echo Valley 2-6809") that they didn't overwhelm you. Maybe we didn't know any better, about music or love. But I know you know the words.


Van Morrison, "Saint Dominic's Preview" (1972), Warner Brothers

The Dwight Twilley Band, "Sincerely" (1975), Shelter

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