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Santa Barbara Plaza's Move to 8th District

October 22, 1992

I wish to provide some clarification for your readers concerning the Los Angeles City Council's vote to include the Santa Barbara Plaza Shopping Center in the 8th Council District, which I represent.

Through their vote, a majority of City Council members recognized the wisdom and logic of placing Santa Barbara Plaza in the 8th District. The residents and business people of the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw area will be better served.

The Council vote now places the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Plaza, Santa Barbara Plaza and the encompassing proposed redevelopment area in one Council district. This arrangement--under the stewardship of one council member--lays the groundwork for more efficient government to maximize this unique opportunity to bring jobs and business ownership to the community.

Councilman Holden's attempt to put Santa Barbara Plaza in the 10th District made no sense at all. First, it split the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Plaza in half. Second, the Holden plan took Santa Barbara Plaza out of its logical relationship with the Baldwin Hills center and redevelopment area.

Given the city's pressing problems, I did not relish spending time and energy on what some have described as a "turf battle." However, I don't consider this a battle over turf but rather making a statement for effective representation for the citizens of the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw area.


Los Angeles

Ridley-Thomas is the councilman representing the city's 8th District

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