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SCE Leadership May Be Why Its Bills Are Up

October 25, 1992

The article "Electric Bill Surge Jolts Small Firms" (Sept. 28) cites complaints about the escalation of utility bills from Southern California Edison.

Here in Leisure World, Laguna Hills, we are dependent upon SCE for lights, cooking, air conditioning and heat (a very inefficient system that uses ceiling coils).

Apparently the buildings were designed when "selling" electricity was still in vogue.

The lack of windows in the bathrooms--even the end units--necessitates turning on lights and using the electric fan.

At great expense, we installed three skylights, plus a bedroom window.

However, the bills never go down, even when we are away on a trip!

Could one reason be incompetent management?

First, they were involved in a costly fiasco in which a consultant bilked them (the consumers?) out of a small fortune. And now Tucson Electric has won a $40-million settlement from SCE.

The operation seems to be suffering from poor leadership and wanton waste, with a just-raise-the-rates solution for every problem.


Laguna Hills

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