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October 25, 1992

Questions were sent to candidates in September. Answers have been edited to fit the space.

State Spending

Q. What do you believe is the single most wasteful program in state government?

Bajada: Drug enforcement. Prohibition has created more death, destruction and misery in our society than the drugs themselves would ever have done. It has given every totalitarian mentality carte blanche to assault the Bill of Rights and turn this country into a police state.

Graham: Excessive salaries paid to top administrators and double- or triple-dipping pensions. Examples: A former assemblyman quit to now earn $200,000 to work for a school district. My congressman is eligible to receive his pension as a former assemblyman.

Nolan: Welfare. Public assistance should be a bridge to help people temporarily. Instead, we've allowed recipients to build condos on the bridge.

Indispensable Program

Q. Are there any state programs you believe should never be cut? If so, what?

Bajada: None.

Graham: AIDS prevention and research, emergency services such as police, fire and the National Guard, Caltrans.

Nolan: No.

Rebuilding L.A.

Q. What specific steps should be taken to rebuild riot-scarred parts of Los Angeles?

Bajada: Create a free-enterprise zone. Furthermore, I would ban the hordes of bureaucrats who prey on those trying to start a business, and I would offer extra tax breaks to businesses who relocate to blighted areas to provide jobs.

Graham: Give tax incentives to businesses and insurance companies who help rebuild these areas and provide jobs. It must be a joint effort of both business and government.

Nolan: Free-enterprise zones will enable businesses and residents of the riot-scarred areas to rebuild by lowering taxes and clearing away the bureaucratic underbrush of regulations and fees that stifle job creation.

Taxes on Wealthy

Q. Do you support a November ballot initiative that would raise taxes on wealthy individuals, corporations and banks while repealing 1991 sales tax hikes?

Bajada: No. I oppose tax increases on individuals, banks and corporations, but I do support the repeal of the sales tax hikes. It's government spending that must be slashed.

Graham: No. They may move out of California and cause many more people to lose their jobs. Instead, California and the IRS should close such loopholes as tax-deductible lunches and country club dues.

Nolan: I oppose Proposition 167 because it would drive jobs from our state.

Gay Rights

Q. Do you support legislation to ban job discrimination against homosexuals in California?

Bajada: No.

Graham: Yes and no. Government employees should be protected. But it may hurt some businesses and religious institutions.

Nolan: No.

Business Exodus

Q. Do you believe businesses are leaving California due to a hostile business environment? If yes, how would you make California more attractive to business?

Bajada: Yes. Reform workers' compensation laws, cut regulations and reduce taxes on businesses that provide jobs and security for citizens.

Graham: Yes. I would cut sales tax to 5% so that we will attract sales from other states and countries that charge more. The sales tax also is a tax against the poor. It hurts all retail stores that are vital to our local economy.

Nolan: Yes. Reform the workers' compensation system. Sunset all regulations and eliminate all but those which are absolutely necessary for health and safety. Balance the state budget.

Health Insurance

Q. Do you support requiring California businesses to provide health insurance to employees or contribute to a fund to provide health care for the uninsured?

Bajada: No. This requirement will only drive more businesses into bankruptcy or out of the state, resulting in more unemployment.

Graham: No. Small businesses cannot afford it and they may move to another state, which will cause more job losses here.

Nolan: No. Employee benefits should be negotiated without government interference.

School Vouchers

Q. Do you support giving state money to parents to allow them to enroll their children in schools of their choice, public or private?

Bajada: Yes.

Graham: No.

Nolan: Yes.

College Tuition

Q. Should tuition at state universities and colleges be increased to help offset state budget deficits?

Bajada: Yes. It is a cruel necessity. In addition, it should help eliminate the far too many non-serious students who are taking the taxpayer for a ride.

Graham: Yes, for non-residents and students from wealthy families. No, for U.S. citizens who are California residents and cannot afford to pay more.

Nolan: No. Increased fees are justifiable only to expand the courses available.

School Bonds

Q. Do you support reducing the votes needed to pass a school construction bond issue from two-thirds to a simple majority?

Bajada: No.

Graham: No.

Nolan: No.

Death Penalty

Q. Do you support capital punishment for any crimes? If so, which ones?

Bajada: No.

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