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LETTERS IN VIEW : Different Perspectives on Bobby Kennedy

October 30, 1992

I was disappointed that you discussed some of the rumors that the tawdry side of the media have used in their bashing of the Kennedys.

Yet you failed to mention that of all the Kennedys, RFK was perhaps the most pious: a devout Catholic who took his religion very seriously.

It was primarily his religious convictions that caused his abrupt turnaround from being an aide to Joe McCarthy to becoming one of the great liberal champions of human rights.

His religious convictions were usually downplayed; being a Catholic was considered a political liability at that time.

In my opinion, the recent attempts to establish a direct association between being conservative and being religious do a great disservice to religion as a whole.

Much scriptural thought fits very nicely with many liberal principles. They are not mutually exclusive, as many would have us believe.



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