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Topic A : A Different Spin on the World Around Us : Sticking to Party Lines

November 02, 1992|BETTY GOODWIN

We all know L.A. is a regular little party town--whether the bash is in the back room at Spago or on a tailgate at the Coliseum. But it looks as if everyone--even people who never give them--is throwing a party Election Night. Here's what the pollsters are saying:

Party Dress: Red, white and blue anything. Faux pearls optional.

What They're Eating: Not your usual range-fed gourmet pizzas. Look for message foods--such as broccoli, chocolate chip cookies, anything Southern.

Best Spot to Watch: If you're among the 50 lucky guests, it's the bedroom of Jim Bellows, Hollywood bureau chief for TV Guide.

"Yeah, he has a big media thing in his bedroom. He has sofas," says TV Guide writer Mary Murphy, who came up with the idea for the party. "My entire family spent the riot weekend at Jim's. We sat in there night and day. It's a great TV-watching room."

New Chief of Protocol: Based on the invitations to his Election Night Party, screenwriter Michael Grace is a shoo-in: "Michael Grace and the Society for the Final Demise of the Reagan-Bush Era . . . cordially invite you and a guest to . . . Burn Bushes and Shoot Quayles. . . ."

Forget the Good China: Party World and other suppliers are doing big numbers in red, white and blue paper napkins, plates, banners and bunting. Store manager Scott Freitas says most of his customers are from Beverly Hills--and most are Republicans: "They come in wearing Bush buttons."

Party Favors: One Santa Monica party hostess, aiming for the Authentic Election Night Party Look, sent her husband on a mission to get posters and other political paraphernalia from the three party headquarters. The Bush and Perot sides loaded him up for free, she reports, but the Clinton folks made him pay for buttons and bumper stickers.

Sound Bites: Out in Venice, Tony Bill at 72 Market Street is offering a "TV dinner" for $19.92. It's three courses, including a choice of "sweet and sour quail."

Headin' South: Patricia and and husband/TriStar Pictures Chairman Mike Medavoy regret that they are unable to attend local parties. They'll be in Little Rock, Ark., with either the winner or the loser.

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