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Where to Obtain Test Kits

December 06, 1992|From The Washington Post

Here are sources for simple kits to test for environmental hazards in a house or apartment. Some of these companies sell a variety of kits and can supply a product list with prices; others market only one kit or a boxed set of kits at the prices listed below. Many of these products are also available at hardware stores, home centers and through general-interest mail-order catalogues.

--AirChek, Box 2000, Arden, N.C. 28704. (800) 257-2366. Tests for radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, lead in water, soil, paint and hair.

--DSK Safer Home Test Kit, (310) 550-7600, available through 28 mail-order catalogues, including Omma Distributing Inc., Laguna Hills, (800) 365-2153. About $50 for a box containing Frandon lead test for 40 pieces and tests for radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, microwave and UV.

--Eco-Check Healthy House Testing Kit, 555 Fulton St., Suite 212, San Francisco, Calif. 94102. (800) 862-4325. Six test kits, including six LeadCheck swabs, packaged together, about $50. Also sells separately LeadCheck and Frandon lead tests, and tests for radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide.

--Enzone, 110-19 15th Ave., P.O. Box 92, College Point, N.Y. 11356. (800) 448-0535. Tests for lead, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances.

--Frandon Lead Alert Kit, Pace Environs, 81 Finchdene Square, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. M1X 1B4. (800) 359-9000. Consumer mixes a solution to test 100 pieces. $33.45.

--John Banta's Healthful Hardware, P.O. Box 3217, Prescott, Ariz. 86302. (602) 445-8225. Tests for radon, lead, carbon monoxide, water, formaldehyde and molds.

--LaMotte Chemical Products Co., P.O. Box 329, Chestertown, Md. 21620. (800) 344-3100. Test for lead in solder. $36.

--LeadCheck Swabs, HybriVet Systems, P.O. Box 1210, Framingham, Mass. 01701. (800) 262-LEAD. One glass vial-swab tests one or two pieces. Two swabs, $5; four swabs, $10-$11.

--LeadCheck II, Michigan Ceramic Supplies, 4048 7th St., P.O. Box 342, Wyandotte, Mich. 48192. (313) 281-2300. A liquid test for lead in ceramics, paint and other substances. A kit costing $24.95 can test up to 60 pieces.

--RCI Environmental Inc., 17772 Preston Road, Suite 202, Dallas 75252. (214) 250-6608. Kits to test for pesticides, volatile organic compounds, radon, mold, dust mites.

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