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Judge Wants Update of Farrow Wealth as Battle With Woody Allen Goes On

December 22, 1992| from Times Wire Services

NEW YORK — A judge Monday ordered Mia Farrow's lawyers to give him details of her tentative book deal and an update of her net worth so he can decide whether Woody Allen should pay her legal fees.

Allen's lawyer, Harvey Sladkus, argued that Farrow told the court in an affidavit last June 30 that she has $3.8 million and doesn't need to have Allen pay her $300,000 legal bill. Sladkus also argued that Farrow has a $3-million deal with Doubleday-Dell for an autobiography.

Allen, 57, and Farrow, 47, are battling for custody of their three children. They have two adopted children--a son, Moses, 14, and a daughter, Dylan, 7, and a biological son, Satchel, 4.

Neither parent appeared in court Monday.

Sladkus accused Farrow of trying to "hoodwink" the court with a "bleeding hearts approach" that she was going to deplete her life savings and be forced to sell her Connecticut home.

"She's not on the bread line with $3.8 million of assets," Sladkus argued. "She's going to get big bucks out of this deal."

Farrow has reportedly signed a book contract for $3 million in which she will recount her life in Hollywood and reveal intimate details of her battle with Allen.

Sladkus says Allen is worth about $16 million. Farrow's lawyers say Allen is worth at least $20 million.

Farrow's lawyer, Marguerite Sullivan, told Justice Elliott Wilk there is no book contract yet, only a proposal.

Farrow has also asked Manhattan Surrogate Court to void Allen's adoptions of Moses and Dylan.

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