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ON LOCATION : The Wild Riders : Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt, a lucky couple off screen, play a hard-luck pair in an unsettling road movie, 'Kalifornia'

January 03, 1993|CHARLES WALSTON | Charles Walston is a writer on the staff of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"The childhood years are mainly from like 2 to 11 or 12, and then you get into that weird teen-age thing which is, 'Are they kid or are they adult?' That's the thing about that role, I know it like the back of my hand. It was great working with (Robert) De Niro and (Martin) Scorsese and stuff, but the role was not that. . . . acting is pretty challenging but certain roles are just like, not always that challenging."

Pitt agreed the work on "Kalifornia" was rewarding. "You do a scene and then go over and grab the one you love," he said. "You want to keep your careers your careers and your love your love, but we just wanted to do it more for a vacation."

The project has not been a total Love Boat cruise, however. The production was beset by rainy weather in Georgia, grueling days in the California desert and a jolt from the 7.5 earthquake on June 28. The cast and crew were on location 45 miles from the epicenter when it hit, Golin said.

"They freaked. Cranes and lights . . . the place just started rocking. It lasted about 10 minutes, the road was waving like the deck of a boat in a storm. Dom had to be the first one to go back in."

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Sunday January 10, 1993 Home Edition Calendar Page 83 Calendar Desk 1 inches; 35 words Type of Material: Correction
Dominic Sena is the director of the upcoming film "Kalifornia." His name was misspelled in a story last Sunday. "Too Young to Die" is the name of the television movie on which Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis met. An incorrect title was given in the same story.

The producer has fretted over what he calls Seca's "ruthless" perfectionism. Despite 11 rewrites of Metcalfe's original script by Seca and others, the filmmakers were still trying to come up with the right ending for the movie in the final weeks of shooting.

Golin also admitted he was worried about doing a movie in which two of the principal actors had a real-life relationship. "If they weren't getting along, it could be a problem," he said. "But all four of them have been so pro, I've been impressed. They have been working ridiculous hours under conditions that are not star-like. The hotels in the desert are not luxurious; they get a room with a swamp cooler, they don't even have air conditioning. It's a rough show."

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