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L.a. Speak

January 10, 1993|Kathleen Moloney

Body piercing may be the initiation rite of the '90s, but it's very important to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. A sampling of pierce-parlor lingo:

cart n . a piercing that punctures cartilage. "This septum ring is going to be a cart , so it will take longer to heal."

clicking n. the sound made when tongue jewelry hits the teeth. Many piercees acquire this nervous habit. "Stop the clicking, you're driving me crazy."

Earl n. a piercing right between the eyes at the bridge of the nose. Named for Earl Van Aken, an Orange County workout instructor who was the first among the Los Angeles piercing set to ask for it.

hafada n . side or center scrotal piercing; it originated in Arab countries. "He's got so many hafadas , it's like chain mail. But hey, it's a look."

labret n . traditional Eskimo piercing in the center of the lower lip, commonly used to describe lip piercing. "She has four labrets and her b-friend has three hafadas. That must make for some interesting possibilities."

Madison n . a piercing at the base of the front of the neck. Named after Madison Stone, an adult film star who first asked for this piercing. "A pink stuffed animal hung from her Madison. "

modern primitive n. term for the pierced and the tattooed. "Just think, a Sarah Lawrence grad and now she only hangs with modern primitives ."

p 'n' t pierce and tattoo. "This party better be a p ' n' t convention or I'm outta here."

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