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Mission Viejo : Two New Police Positions Approved

January 15, 1993|FRANK MESSINA

Two new police positions to help cover the newly annexed Aegean Hills community were approved by the City Council this week at a cost of $106,662.

Councilwoman Sharon Cody said the cost is based on calls for service from sheriff's deputies when the formerly unincorporated area was handled by the county.

"We might have to allot a little more (money) in the future because we might need to provide higher traffic enforcement levels than what was provided by the county."

In addition to the two new police jobs, which will cost about $53,331 each, the council approved another $3,666 for communications equipment.

The Aegean Hills community has a population of about 7,000 and was annexed by Mission Viejo last month.

Excluding traffic enforcement, Aegean Hills residents generated about 1,600 calls for the Sheriff's Department last year, according to county figures.

City officials say they will wait until a budget is prepared for the 1993-94 fiscal year to decide how much money should be invested for traffic enforcement.

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