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February 01, 1993|TIM KAWAKAMI

Although the battle of the All-Pro tailbacks wasn't much, Emmitt Smith easily outperformed Thurman Thomas.

Smith, the first league rushing leader to get to a Super Bowl, was far from the Cowboys' most effective offensive weapon, but he was, as always, one of their most consistent.

"It's Emmitt's runs and just being there that set everything up for me," said receiver Michael Irvin, who caught two touchdown passes.

After a relatively slow start, Smith finished with 108 yards in 22 carries. His 10-yard, bumper-car touchdown run in the fourth quarter made the score 45-17 and finished the Bills for good.

"I think it speaks for itself," Smith said of his performance. "I've been doing it week in, week out all year long. The only frustrating thing was that the field was slick, and we had to change shoes--I think it was in the second quarter."

Smith's first three carries were for one, zero and three yards.

After changing to longer cleats, Smith tore off a 38-yard run that set up Irvin's 19-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter.

Smith got his scoring chance late and ran over a couple of Buffalo defenders to make sure he did not lose it.

"The whole game I wasn't much of a factor close to the end zone," Smith said. "When we got down there again, I was very, very determined to get in it and score."

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