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A Critical Opinion

February 06, 1993

Re Martin Bernheimer's consistently ridiculing and invective reviews of practically every opera that Opera Pacific has presented (specifically "A Troubled 'Il Trovatore' at Arts Center," Calendar Jan. 11):

As for the sets on which he is consistently carping, where does he think Opera Pacific is going to get the funds to commission and build new sets for a limited season? In a time of recession, the expenditure of a million or more dollars to do the same would be unthinkable.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Bernheimer review unless he managed to slip in some snide remarks on the super-titles. The super-titles have opened up the willingness of countless of thousands of people who would be frightened away by the language barrier and never see an opera.

Give us a break! We need to encourage the outreach of the arts, not trash them.



Newport Beach

Martin Bernheimer responds: "I didn't complain that they borrowed the sets for 'Il Trovatore,' only that they borrowed bad ones. And I didn't complain (this time) that they used super-titles, only that the staging contradicted the super-titles. As for encouraging the arts, pretending that bad is good helps no one, and it isn't the critic's job to act as a cheerleader."

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