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Saddened by Passing of Reginald F. Lewis

February 07, 1993

No big deal. I'll just purchase the Los Angeles Times as usual, sit back, relax and scan the Business section.

My eyes hopscotch lightly over the headlines: IBM reported losses, Wells Fargo's stock gains, Beatrice chief Reginald F. Lewis dies at 50, Chrysler's red ink . . . . Nothing out of the ordinary.

And then it hits me. In disbelief, I reread the headline: "Beatrice Chief Reginald F. Lewis Dies" (Jan. 20).

Damn! Always the good ones. A hero of mine is no longer with us, but I feel him smiling from investors' heaven.

The thing that hurts most of all is that I never took the time to write to Mr. Lewis, to say to him: You're a great role model and a genuine American hero.

Never wait until tomorrow.


Los Angeles

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