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Educational Foundation's Role

February 07, 1993

When I read your article "La Canada Schools Accused of Violations," (Jan. 28), making claims of unfair practices by the La Canada Flintridge Educational Foundation, my first reaction was anger.

How could you write such an article without investigating the validity of the claims you were making? No one from The Times ever attempted to contact the foundation to seek the truth. Instead you ran an article, based on fallacious rumor, which paints an unfair and critical picture of the La Canada Flintridge Educational Foundation.

The Pasadena school district clams that the Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization, peddles its influence by soliciting money from families hoping to get into La Canada Schools from other districts. This does not happen.

Four times each year the Educational Foundation sends letters asking for donations to every family with children in La Canada public schools, every La Canada business and every resident of our community.

We are proud of our Educational Foundation and the tireless work its volunteers have performed for almost 15 years raising the necessary money to augment the dwindling funds provided by the state.

In these troubled financial times donations from generous school parents, businesses and community supporters have helped keep the doors to our schools open and provide textbooks, school supplies and educational programs. The work of the La Canada Flintridge Educational foundation has always been aboveboard and beyond reproach.

Next time you want to know what the Educational Foundation does and how we do it, just ask.


President, La Canada Flintridge

Educational Foundation

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