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Hillary's 'Primer for Power Spouses' Could Be a Bestseller

February 07, 1993

After reading "Hillary's Not 1st Power Spouse, but She's Rewriting Rules" (Jan. 28), two statements would not leave my thoughts:

"What is unique about the situation is that the country elected Bill and had nothing to say about Hillary."

And, "In the Clintons' case, Hillary is in her position by virtue of her marriage to Bill."

Of course we had something to say about Hillary. We knew she would not be redecorating the White House or co-writing a book with her dog. She has talents and she would more than likely be using them.

And how can one say Hillary's position is by virtue of her marriage? Perhaps his position is also by virtue of his marriage.

We have a first lady who is good at writing briefs instead of washing briefs. Hillary Clinton is writing the rule book and I believe it is going to be a bestseller.


Sherman Oaks

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