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BUENA PARK : City Tells State to Mend Its Finances

February 10, 1993|DEBRA CANO

In a terse message to the state Legislature, the City Council last week passed a resolution demanding that the state balance its budget without raiding the treasuries of local governments.

Councilman Donald L. Bone said Buena Park is not the only city feeling the pinch of state cutbacks and that cities must join together in protest against future cuts.

"My whole intent of this is to get other cities to adopt something similar," Bone said.

"My hope is that if employee organizations, cities, counties, school districts and special districts would all take the same message to Sacramento, they would listen to us as one voice. We need to get the message to Sacramento to quit stealing our money."

State budget cuts to the city totaled nearly $2 million this fiscal year. City officials said the city has been severely affected by the cuts, which led to the loss of 53 positions, including fire and police personnel.

The city has also instituted a hiring freeze and spending freeze.

Bone said the city could face up to $1.5 million in additional cuts this next fiscal year.

Councilman Don R. Griffin agreed that Buena Park must take a lead in protesting the state's reduction of funds to cities.

"We consider this a serious matter," Griffin said. "The state government is out of control and taking away your tax dollars."

The resolution will be forwarded to the governor and local legislators.

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