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The Costliest 'Cots

February 11, 1993|KATHIE JENKINS

Too often, chocolate truffles are either too rich or painfully sweet. So last year, Angelique Fry, who opened the Larkspur bakery 10 years ago, began experimenting with the rich, round chocolate balls. "I wanted something luxurious," she says, "but not sweet." She also wanted candy that looked like fruit. Eventually, Fry combined rich chocolate ganache with moist, dried fruit and coated it in bittersweet chocolate.

The result is the truffelcot. Half truffle, half apricot, the tart/sweet glaced Australian apricot offsets the richness of the chocolate ganache that's tucked inside. The candy, which looks like apricots, contains only five ingredients: Schokinag bittersweet chocolate (one of the oldest German chocolates), Australian apricots, whipping cream, eggs and pure vanilla.

They're delicious, but there's a price to pay. A high one. A 23-ounce box of 12 costs $27.50, plus $6.95 postage.

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